Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Amelie can be propped up and stay like that for awhile. Love this outfit!! :)
Lately, she has not liked baths. She cries & cries...or at least when I do them. But daddy has the magic touch. She does great while he gives her a bath.

Walking at the park with the soccer team in the background.

Bobby playing ultimate frisbee. He's the one in the red shirt! Good luck trying to spot him! :)

Silly face! :)

I love how she is SO relaxed after she eats!

I haven't posted pictures in a while, so I thought I would take a minute and post a couple from this week. Tuesday nights Bobby plays ultimate frisbee with a group of people and really enjoys getting out and exercising while having fun. This Tuesday, Amelie and I decided to join him but to walk around the track while he played. Unfortunately, they were on a different field so Amelie and I would only see them briefly as we passed by their field. The field they normally play on had a little kids soccer practice going on. It was super cute to watch them practice! There were parents sitting on the lawn watching. There were other parents entertaining younger siblings on the nearby playground. There was one dad who decided to introduce his youngest, who was about 3ish, to honeysuckles and how to eat them. It was super cute watching them and listening to a little of their dialogue. It made me excited about one day introducing Amelie to this sweet summertime treat. :) It was a fun evening enjoying the beautiful weather!

Today Amelie is wearing a super cute outfit and I had to take some pictures! She's at a point now where she can sit propped up which is super cute. As I type she is sitting in my lap in her favorite pose of facing me while propped up on my knees and she is pooping. Is it possible that her poop smells like bacon? I did eat a BLT yesterday for lunch...hmmm.....


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Totally Adorable and I'm not prejudice :)