Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

We love going to the beach! We had our first family vacation with Amelie on a trip to Destin this past week. We went with our good friends Katie, Chris and Bella Green, and Morgan Collins, and stayed in a condo right on the beach in West Destin. This years beach trip was very different with Amelie but still very fun. We had to keep her out of the sun because she is too young for the sun and sunscreen, which can be a challenge. Add in the fact that she needs a nap and feeding every three hours, plus can find any reason to be ornery, and you have a very different trip than we would have had just a year ago. Even with all those factors, we still had fun setting up camp every morning and just hanging out by the beach every day. Everyday was beautiful and basically consisted of beach, naps, food, naps, reading, beach, food, beach, and beach naps.

One of the best things about vacation at the beach is of course seafood, which we had our fill of the first few days. Bobby defintely kept with his theme of adventurous eating the first night out by polishing off a dozen oysters on the half shell, followed by the grilled and broiled platter that contained deviled crap, shrimp, mahi-mahi, scallops, and even more oysters. Kelly kept it simple with mahi-mahi, but that was just fine with her!

Bobby and Chris got to not once, but twice play golf while on the trip. Their first outing they were paired with some retired ex-GE execs who were great to play with. Their second outing was a lot more fun because they played later when it was cooler, and had the course literally to themselves. Between the stoagies, cold brew, and both shooting well, it was a great day of golf.

Because of kids (and old age), late nights usually consisted of two things: quick runs to the closest ice cream store for milkshakes and ice cream, and/or game nights once the kids were asleep. Uno and hotrod Uno seemed to be the favs most nights. One of the night highlights was when Morgan's friend Josh met up with us and hung around for both ice cream and Uno (what a lucky guy to be get both in one night). He seems like a great guy and we enjoyed meeting and getting to know him.

All in all Destin '09 was a blast. We had lots of quality family and friend time. Somehow we came back with neither airbrush t-shirts or tatoos commemorating our trip. Nevertheless, Destin '09 will go down in the annals of great vacations. Enjoy our pics and videos (including Amelie's first time in the ocean) below.
Family picture at the beach (Straw hat c/o '96 Olympics)

Amelie sitting pretty in her chair

Now with sunglasses off

This is what Amelie did at the beach (sleep)
Kelly and Amelie on the docks at sunset

Family pic on the docks before dinner

Bobby's dozen oysters at dinner

Bella and Chris enjoying the parrots
Amelie and Dad playing in kiddie pool

Amelie and Mommy posing by kiddie pool

Amelie modeling her bathing suit from Uncle Daniel

Morgan and Kelly with pre-dinner pina coladas

Group Picture!

Amelie's first time in the ocean

Amelie in her kiddie pool

Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on Amelie

We haven't been great about putting up new video and pictures this past week so here are a couple fun ones! First, she is really loving baths now. She kicks and splashes and has a great time! Bobby does a great job making bath time fun. Another video is of me trying to get her to laugh by blowing on her tummy. She had a laugh and then when we got out the camera she stopped but she still made really cute noises. And lastly, we had to include a short video of her watching Baby Einstein videos, which should be known as "Baby Crack" because of how addicted and focused she gets while watching.

Summer Days

I (Kelly) sometimes have a problem with sitting still. Today was one of those days that I struggle with not be frustrated because I didn't get a lot accomplished...or at least all that I wanted to get accomplished. I really wanted to start painting trim today, but only got as far as sanding a little and putting a little tape up. I really want to get these little projects done around the house but since they seem somewhat insignificant, it's hard to find the motivation to do them. And it's even harder to find the time when so much of my day is consumed with taking care of Amelie. I love taking care of Amelie and wouldn't want to trade it for anything. I have to stop and put things in prespective on these kind of days that I didn't get a lot checked off my list. I need to be more thankful that I'm blessed to not only have summers off myself, but that my husband also gets to have summers off! I love us being able to be home together and not have a ton going on. I love these carefree days and I need to enjoy them while they last! We did try to go to the pool today, however we couldn't find one that wasn't packed with college kids. We are starting to realize how old we are getting when joining a private pools sounds more appealing than our normal pool hopping schemes. Things are just different now there is a little one tagging along! :)