Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amelie learning to grab

I love being home with Amelie. I love watching her learn new things it seems daily. There are so many times during the day that I wish I could capture the cute little things that she does. I try so hard to really memorize how she smiles, the way that she talks, her cute faces when she poops, her contentment when she eats, and so much more. I know I will forget a lot as she continues to grow and memories are replaced with new memories, but that makes me sad because I want to remember everything!!! Thank goodness for camera's!

Okay, so this video is super cute because she was napping and began to cry. I went in to check on her and this is what I found! :) It was a little dark so I hope you can see it good enough. Okay, so you can't see it that good, but she is grabbing her pacifier and waving it around in her hand while crying. Sorry for the poor quality!

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