Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun When the Sun is Not Shining

This week has been Spring Break for Amelie and Liam.  However, we have not spent any time at the beach.  The weather has been rainy, cooler, and very windy.  We have found other fun things to do around town to combat cabin fever.

Our first stop was the Foley Railroad Museum.  The L & N Railroad Depot was first built in 1905.  At this time, the area was primarily agricultural so the railroad was vital for getting produce to the market.  In 1971 the railroad discontinued it's service.  The Museum had various household cleaning items featured from the early 1900's (like a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, iron for curtains, refrigerator). There was more, but these are what stood out most to me.  It was fun explaining to Amelie how the items worked and reveling at how different they look today.

Another area of the museum was a model train exhibit.  We spent the most time watching the trains and looking at the details of the city.  The layout represented the 1950s era.  After viewing the model trains, we walked about the real train outside.   It was a lot of fun and free!!

Another fun outing was exploring Alligator Alley.  We were able to walk on an elevated boardwalk through a swamp and view tons of alligators of various sizes…from hatchling to adult.  We found out that there are currently 465 alligators living in the swamp!  We fed some alligators as well as were able to hold a small one (with mouth taped shut).  It was SO much fun, and I am sure we will be back again.  Liam is now saying that he wants an alligator as a pet…a small one….

A weekly tradition is going to story time at the public library.  Amelie and Liam love the children's librarian, Ms. Amy.  She plans fun activities and crafts for the children each week.  This week we were surprised by a visit from a 16-lb bunny rabbit and 3 lion haired rabbits.  It was fun to watch the rabbits hop around and be able to pet their soft coats.  We also made little easter egg lightning bugs and read some stories.
Liam is sitting in Ms. Amy's lap.  He follows her around the entire hour being her little helper.  Here he is petting a black lion haired rabbit.

We also played at the wood park playground for hours meeting new friends.  Amelie usually makes a couple girl friends while Liam spends time chasing them around and through the castles.  Many of the girls Amelie played with this week will be starting kindergarten in the fall as well so it's fun to be making connections now.  

Heading to the zoo on a crowded day allowed for us to sit in on a show.  We were able to learn about and touch snakes, bearded dragons, various birds, and ferrets.  I have never seen the zoo so packed, but it was a lot of fun seeing all of the action.

It was a fun week with the kids at home.  Amelie told me yesterday that she wants to stay in Gulf Shores for a long time.  I am glad she is feeling at home and likes her surroundings!  We love our small community with a big beach! ;)