Monday, May 25, 2009

I finally did it!

I have been couponing, thanks to Katie Green, for a couple months now. I have been trying to save more than I spend and haven't been able to do it yet. I've done good in that I've saved at least 50% of what I spend each time I go but I really wanted to do better than that! On Saturday, I finally accomplished my goal in saving more than I spent! I spent $45 and saved $52!!! :) I was super pumped! The challenge of trying to save more than you spend has actually made grocery shopping more enjoyable for me. I guess it's my competitive nature coming out! :)


KatieMGreen said...

yeah!!! it's fun to save for the family and have a little fun doing it. we are such mom's. :) but, it's kinda addictive (and hard to spend more when you know how much you can save, huh?) good job!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Do you know if the
Atlanta Paper has quit inserting
them in Sundays paper? I am sending
the ones I have so look for them in
the mail. If you can get together
around ten families maybe you all
can form a cp-op for fresh vegetables. It worked great for me.

Mom said...

Hurray for you!!! Coupons are definitely worth the effort!!! Keep it up!!