Saturday, July 19, 2014

Asheville Botanical Gardens

A visit to a city is not complete to me without checking out the Botanical Gardens.  While Bobby was busy working, I took the kids to explore the gardens.  They had various activities to do for kids while walking around:  scavenger hunt for specific things animals eat, scavenger hunt for insects, and creating a Venn diagram for 2 different trees.  Of course Liam is too young to really get into these activities, but Amelie was on a mission to do all three.  Since I knew we did not have the time to come back, we walked around the gardens twice to enable her to find the things on the scavenger hunt.  It was fun hiking after this experience because she would point out some of the things like mushrooms growing on trees that were difficult to find in the gardens.  This was one of the smaller gardens we have visited, but it was very pleasant.  The kids always like having the freedom to run and this certainly provided that.  I loved helping Amelie look for things that were similar and different about 2 different types of trees.  I think she is so smart! :)  She turned in her completed activities to the Park Ranger and received a stamp on her hand.  She even earned a stamp for Liam as well. :)

Comparing the two trees behind the bench:  a magnolia and an oak tree.

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