Saturday, July 19, 2014

Baseball, Brewery, and More

Summertime is not complete without watching baseball, right?!  With the promise of fireworks following the show and $1 hotdogs, we went to an Asheville Tourists game one Friday evening.  We sat along the 1st baseline and could see the field clearly. Amelie and Liam did not sit still, but as they were moving and climbing they did watch some of the game.  They also enjoyed watching the mascots, and giving them high-fives when they walked passed.  After the game, we were allowed to sit on the field to watch the fireworks.  Asheville weather is gorgeous so just hanging outside was fun.

On a different Friday evening, we went to the Highland Brewing Company during the Celtic Festival.  We had to start off by going on a tour of the brewery because it started storming really badly as soon as we arrived.  The kids enjoyed wearing the safety goggles while we received the tour. After the tour, the rain had mostly stopped so we were able to eat from a delicious food truck and enjoy live music.  Amelie and Liam ran around the lawn and danced at the stage.

Below are a couple other random pictures of our time in Asheville.

For Father's Day, we decided to take Bobby out for a delicious breakfast.  We went to Sunny Point Cafe which serves upscale comfort foods.  Because it was Father's Day other families had the same idea.  We ended up having to wait for over an hour for our table (which meant our breakfast turned into lunch).  The nice part of waiting was we were able to spend the time in the restaurant's garden.  They have a nice sized garden in order to have the freshest ingredients.  The garden was fabulous.  The food was even better!  It was well worth the wait.  :)
Waiting in the garden for our table to be ready.
How many hammock pictures is too many?  As I have said before, we loved hanging outside in the yard…especially in the hammock.  The Bobby and the kids enjoyed eating ice-cream in the hammock together on more than one occasion.

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