Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Urban Trail Downtown Asheville

Asheville's history and past are told through 30 stops, each with public sculpture which function as landmarks along the Urban Trail.  This self-guided tour winds it way in and around downtown.  Asheville's history is rich, and the Urban Trail highlights upon five distinct time periods that are signified by pink granite markers in the sidewalk: the feather represents the Guilded Age, the horseshoe represents the Frontier Period, an angel for the Times of Thomas Wolfe, the courthouse for the Era of Civic Pride, and an eagle for the Age of Diversity.  We did not complete the entire 1.7 mile trail in one day, but instead spent a couple of days reading the plaques near each sculpture while also popping in and out of shops, art galleries, and places to eat.  

Eating at Doc Chey's Noodle House.  
Standing in Thomas Wolfe's shoes outside of his childhood home.

Amelie did a great job spotting the trail markers embedded in the sidewalk as we went.
Liam loved the On the Move sculpture because it spun and created the sounds of the varying forms of transportation.

The firemen were outside so invited us over for a closer look at the truck.
I have really turned into a sucker for architecture…I loved seeing the various buildings and details.
Basilica of St. Lawrence

Crossroads Sculpture of pigs and turkeys in the center of downtown.
The kids would always have to hop on whenever we passed by.
One of the many shops that held dozens booths of local artist's works.
Cat Walk Sculpture

Appalachian Stage Sculpture in front of the Civic Center.  The kids liked trying to play each of the instruments.
Shopping Daze Sculpture
We enjoyed pursuing through the Mast General Store on a couple of occasions.
They have fun toys (guns that pop our a cork, etc) and dozens of barrels filled with candy. 

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