Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hiking Crabtree Falls in the Rain

Hiking to Crabtree Falls was on our list of must-do hikes before we leave Asheville.  One of my college roommates, Morgan, was able to come for a couple of days, and we decided hiking to Crabtree Falls was a perfect thing to do while she was with us.  The hike is near the Blue Ridge Parkway about an hour outside of Asheville.  It is a 4 mile loop with the first portion very easy and little elevation changes.  There were a lot of rocks and nice stone steps to make the hike easy.    Once we arrived at the falls, we ate our picnic lunch.  The 70-ft waterfall was definitely worth the trek!  We played around the falls for a little while, but then we started to feel raindrops!  We went back and forth with whether we should go out the same way we came in, or do the more challenging other portion of the loop out.  With much debating, we decided to go the untraveled yet trail.   The trail back to the car was much steeper and more strenuous, but didn't have all of the little tiny rocks (so that was nice).  The rain started to really fall and within minutes we were all completely drenched…and cold.  Amelie was an amazing trooper.  She marched on uphill, through the small river that was forming on the path.  She didn't complain much.  However, it all was too much for little Liam.  I gave him a piggy back ride all the way back to the car.  At one point, we reached a mile marker that told us how much further we had to go (.7 miles)…we all about fell out because we thought we were much closer.  Early that day, Bobby had been talking about how when things don't go as planned they make for a better story (or at least more memorable).  We will all remember this experience for sure!  We laughed because Morgan was also with us for our Grand Canyon fiasco back in college.

Hiking out…good workout with little Liam on my back.
We saw a huge frog on the trail that we almost stepped on.
Near our car…all wet…all glad to be almost out of the rain!

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