Monday, August 25, 2014

Outer Banks Family Fun

This is the third summer my family has met in Outer Banks, North Carolina for a week to enjoy time together and time at the beach.  The weather was wonderful the whole week.  We enjoyed the beach, playing putt-putt, running through the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park, swimming in the pool, playing golf, walking Jeannette's Pier, and more.
Amelie and Liam were both so happy to be back at the beach.  The first time our feet hit the sand, Liam squealed and ran like he had just returned home.  Amelie learned how to ride the waves even though the first couple of days the waves were fierce.  She got the hang of it really quickly and didn't mind having salt water in her eyes, nose, and mouth.  She was smiling ear to ear!  Liam desperately wanted to join her, and by the end of the week did (when the waves were not quite so large).  I know exactly what to expect when we get back to the Gulf! :)

Amelie gave Joanna and Alaina mermaid tails made for her 5th birthday.
The girls happened to have the same bathing suit and they really had fun matching!

Mermaid's purses by the dozens washed on shore one morning.  These are egg cases of skates.
Helping Uncle Michael and Aunt Katie building a sand castle. 

Liam riding the waves with Uncle Michael

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