Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hanging at House

Bobby had the opportunity to go to Advanced Placement training for a week in Atlanta in order to be certified to teach an Advanced Placement Human Geography course in the future.   Since we are a one car household, that meant the kids and I were stuck at the house for a week.  Amelie and I made a menu of fun foods that we usually don't eat and made sure we were well stocked before Bobby left. We also made a trip to Walmart for some art supplies and a plastic golf set to have some activities to keep us occupied too.  Our washing machine happened to need to be replaced while Bobby was away so I asked the delivery guys if we could keep the box.  Having the large appliance box was a huge score as it was a fort, a slide, a way to torture your sibling, and so much more.  The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed time in our yard and Mr. Rob & Mrs. Gayle's yard.  One day, I started punting the football to Liam and then chasing him once he got the football.  This turned into a favorite game that we played a lot.  We added the component that whoever wasn't being chased had to block me.  Amelie and Liam took turns at which role they were playing.  For the record, I do not want Liam to ever play football…soccer is okay…not football.   They also liked to race and have me count out loud.  Amelie worked to improve her time.  I love her hard work ethic and determination once she sets her mind to something.  We Skyped with Bobby every evening.  We missed him a lot and were so thankful to see him (and the car for freedoms sake) again!  If I had to be stuck somewhere, I could not have asked for a better spot!
A little finger painting on the back deck.  I wanted both kids to be naked for ease of cleaning up afterwards.  However, before I could get to Liam he had already coated his hands in paint so we just went with it. :)
They loved taking a bath afterwards and watching all of the colored water as we got all of the paint off.
Amelie produced a lot of art.  This picture is of us hiking on a mountain.  If you look closely, you will see our family, trees, a bird, a cloud, and a bear.
I made colored frosting (food coloring, powdered sugar, and milk) and allowed them to frost vanilla wafers and graham crackers.  Amelie made different landscapes with these shapes (houses, trees, etc).
Once Liam awoke from his nap, Amelie explained to him what to do.
He didn't really care about decorating, but did enjoy eating his snack!
We went on a rock hunt in the creek and along the creek bank one day.  We found flat, good sized rocks to paint.  We then lined them on the deck to allow them to dry out really well.  Amelie and Liam then painted beautiful designs.  We mixed the 3 primary colors of paints to make 3 more colors.  We took 3 of the rocks to Mr. Rob & Mrs. Gayle.
Our nature scavenger hunt was a lot of fun.  We found various things in various numbers in Mrs. Gayle's yard.  Once we got back to our deck we organized 1 - 15, glued it down, and then Amelie numbered them.  
Our inspiration came from the Richard Scarry book shown above.
Eating watermelon and playing in the hammock.

Liam with Mrs. Gayle.  We didn't get any pictures with Mr. Rob.

Mr. Rob found this strawberry and left it for Amelie and Liam with a special note.  :)

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