Saturday, October 19, 2013

Playground Hopping

After rest time, we set out to go to an art museum.  However, on our walk to the museum we came across a couple of playgrounds.  We decided to play instead of making it to the museum before closing time.  I am glad that we didn't rush around, and we took this time to really play with Amelie and Liam.  The first playground we stopped at, it was a traditional playground with slides and swings.  There was also a large boat and Liam loves driving me around.  While we were playing another couple came up with a boy the same age as Liam.  We ended up talking with this couple for a while as they were from Eastern Europe and Germany, but have lived in Barcelona for 10 years.  We exchanged contact information with plans of meeting up again.  Bobby and I are amazed at the friendliness of the families that we have met on the playgrounds in our neighborhood.  We do miss community and are ready to be in a place where we can invest in relationships again.  I hope we are able to find other Gulf-Shorians to hang with!  
We ran out of diapers so we stopped by the store and pushed around a big bag of diapers for our stroll.
Liam does not like riding in his stroller these days.  Whenever we are in a safe place, he is out and walking.
We walked to another park within Barcelona University.  Amelie climbed a tree.  We saw parakeets eating berries in a tree. It was fun walking through this park.  Afterwards we came up to a large mall area with a grocery store and patisseries.  We needed diapers and water, but then also grabbed a tasty treat from the patisserie.
We then walked to Palau Reial de Pedralbes which is a palace that the royal family would reside when they visited Barcelona during the early 1900's.  We did not go in the palace, but walked around the gardens and then played at a playground within the grounds.  The gardens were beautiful with little ponds and fountains throughout the well maintained green spaces.

"Serious" pose. 
Being loved by your kids is so special.  I am thankful that Amelie and Liam want to be near me.
I am humbled by their love and their affection to me.  
There were a couple of bamboo tunnels to walk through.
Amelie and Liam love being adventurers and going off the beaten trail.  
We found a fountain designed by Gaudi, The Font d'Hércules (Hercules fountain).  Amelie began splashing a bit which caused Liam to want to get retribution.  He put his whole arm in the fountain to make a giant splash. His shirt was completely soaked.

While calling for the ducks, he stopped to growl at a pigeon.  Pigeon beware!
The playground was designed for older kids, but we made it work.  I was tired of walking and almost sat on a nearby park bench to watch them play.  Instead, I jumped on this circular spin-around bench.  Bobby hopped on too while Amelie and Liam had a blast spinning their parents around and around.  They thought it was hilarious as both Bobby and I almost fell off multiple times.  We then held Amelie and Liam on while we spun around which was also a bast.  After having a good laugh, I was glad that I resisted the urge of being a spectator.  
We ended the fun day by making Nachos.  We have not had much Mexican food since we left the States and I was so happy when Bobby made us this treat.  It was good comfort food!

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