Saturday, October 19, 2013

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

We made it to the Magic Fountain today!  We had a leisurely morning mixed with a good rest time. We then headed off to Placa d'Espanya where we could see the Magic Fountain in action.  On our way to the metro, we stopped to take pictures of a Guadi-designed house.  Once to the Placa d'Espanya we ran in the mall which was converted from a bullring to grab dinner to-go.  We took our dinner up the hill to the fountain and stayed for two showings of the Magic Fountain.  

The Magic Fountain was built in 1929 for the International Exhibition.  It offers a spectacular display of music, water acrobatics, and lights.   We all loved the experience.

Amelie in front of the Gaudi-designed house.
The fountain in the center of Placa d'Espanya with the Venetian towers in the back ground.  We thought they looked familiar. With further research, we found we were right. These towers were modeled after the bell tower of the San Marco Cathedral in Venice.
This bullring built in 1899 was converted to a shopping center a couple of years ago.
We grabbed some food to-go inside.
Eating on our front row seats to the show.

The area was packed with other onlookers. 

Amelie and Liam have to dance if there is music playing.

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