Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adiós Valencia

I loved Valencia.  I can't seem to put my finger on exactly why I liked it so much, but I did.  It could have been that the location was amazing (close to the beach and the historic center).  It could be that biking everywhere was more enjoyable than walking or taking public transit.  It could be that our apartment was very comfortable and spacious having amenities that we enjoyed (AC, large shower, good coffee, etc).  Maybe it was that I felt fairly confident navigating through the city.  Regardless, it was hard for me to leave.  The silver lining for me was that we were headed to another Spanish city that most people rave about. I am hopeful that our time in Barcelona will be as enjoyable as our time in Valencia.  Pictured below are some things that hadn't yet made it to the blog that I wanted to make sure I remembered in years to come.
  • Walking to the beach:

The flags signaled beach as well as beach playground.  We traveled to these flags quite often.
Our walk to the beach consisted of walking past the buildings created for the Americus Cup.
This open building now serves a large roller skating ring.  It's fun to see all ages of people out enjoying to skate.
  • One of the sites that we rode past in the Turia Riverbed.

  • Amelie and Liam driving a fire truck in a park at the end of our street.

  • City of Arts and Sciences:

  • How Bobby handles taking both kids to the grocery store without the stroller:

  • A favored tapas restaurant as we could all eat for around 15 Euros!

  • Eating grilled corn on the cob at the beach...delicious!!!

I love my family.  I am continually pinching myself that this is real life...that we have this opportunity to play together while we explore new places.  One thing we have all learned in this journey is that new places have new fun awaiting to be discovered! we come!!!
How Amelie arranged her travel clothes the night before we left.

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