Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adjusting to Life in Barcelona

Being our 6th move in the last 12 months, we are becoming quite efficient in unpacking and getting settled. After having an hour delay for our train departure from Valencia, we arrived in Barcelona on October 6th around 4 pm.  We easily found our way to the apartment, and met our host.  He was gracious enough to show Bobby around the neighborhood pointing out the local grocery store and nearest playground.  He also has small children Amelie and Liam's age.  We are working on making a play date to get all of the children together.  While Bobby was taking a short tour of the neighborhood, I unpacked all of our clothes and got us organized.  I guess when you only have to unpack a packs worth of clothes it doesn't take that long.  Since we arrived on Sunday all stores were closed.  After Bobby arrived back at the apartment we walked to the nearby playground to allow the kids to run off some energy built up from the 3 hour train ride.  We met an American family that has lived in Barcelona for about 2 years.  We enjoyed talking with them and learning do's and don'ts for Barcelona.  We exchanged emails so are hoping for more chances to hang out.  After some playground time, we walked to a nearby square to eat dinner.  We sat outside and enjoyed the family atmosphere.   Families enjoying each other's company before the work week started up again.  

The following day we bought our month long public transportation pass which includes metro, bus, and tram.  We then made a trek out to an IKEA to buy an 11 Euro high chair for Liam.  For my sanity, I need him locked in a chair unable to get out and run.  We also ended up buying Amelie some construction paper and Liam a train set.  Both have been a big hit so far!   While at IKEA we ended up talking to an Australian who has lived in Barcelona for a number of years.  Bobby also exchanged emails with him with plans for meeting up in the near future.  Amelie is loving drawing and making things for us while Liam loves anything that moves: planes, trains, and automobiles! 

The apartment is very nice and seems to be suiting us very nicely.  We have traded a dishwasher for a dryer.  I'm enjoying how fast our clothes are being cleaned!  Bobby and I's bed is either a King or Queen which seems huge after sharing a Double bed for 9 months. We have a nice big dining room table perfect for meals and crafts.  The location is in a very safe, family-friendly neighborhood.   We only have 3 weeks here so we have a lot to see and do!!
Amelie and Liam's bedroom.  They are now sharing a room in which their beds touch.  Liam likes to climb in and out himself, but he only does it at appropriate times.  Fingers crossed this does not change.  :)
View of our living room while Amelie is playing with the new train set.
The apartment has a little office cubicle.  This is a perfect working space for us!
We are back to taking the metro like we did in Paris...up and down stairs...transferring...waiting...
Amelie and Liam playing at the playground across the street from our apartment.  Liam likes to run up and down the incline around the track.  There is also a large bed swing like the one we had in Scotland.  Today I met another English speaker.  We have had more conversations with others in the last 3 days than we have had in what seems like forever!! 

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