Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amelie Loves Fancy

The entrance to the old palace that holds the Ceramics Museum is stunning.  We've taken pictures here on more than one occasion.
Amelie loves what she calls "fancy".  Having been in dozens of castles and old palaces over the past year, she dreams about living in a fancy palace like a princess.  She prays that God will make her a princess.  She asks why we don't live in fancy places like the ones that we visit.  Bless her heart!  You know Bobby and I aren't ones for fluff so we just explain that we are poor and will most likely always be poor, but we are rich in love and experiences.  Haha!  I can't tell if this answer is suiting for her little heart.  However, at breakfast recently she did say that when she has kids she wants to travel with them just like we are traveling with her (score one for parental indoctrination!).  

On Oct 3rd, we took Amelie to the fancy National Ceramics Museum.  The museum is housed in a palace that dates from the 15th century.  Inside, we viewed an assortment of ceramics from prehistoric, Roman, Greek, and Arab items in addition to traditional ceramics from representative towns in Spain. We also viewed 19th century rooms and 18th century carriages (much like the ones that we saw at the Carriage Museum in Lisbon). There was also plenty of contemporary works, including some by Picasso.  
Our parked bikes.
Amelie and Liam posing for pictures with the palace in the background while we waited for Bobby to secure the bikes.

The kitchen.

I think she is as pretty as a princess!!

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