Friday, August 16, 2013

Old MacDonald in Perspective

Visiting a farm within the city is a must-do with small children.  Gorgie's Farm is located in the heart of Edinburgh.  It helps put Old MacDonald into perspective for the kids as we saw a chick here, a chick there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick.  

It also helps them understand the noises animals make.  Comedian Louis C.K. says it best and I wish I could include his 30 second stand up piece here, but I can't find it right now.  He has a bit that I find hilarious talking about how sheep don't sweetly say baaaa, but instead it sounds loud and scary BAAAA!   He also talks about how their fur is not soft and white and fluffy, but matted brown and super dirty.  It really is true!  The farm animals stink and are dirty and were constantly scaring Liam with their loud noises. 

Although that introduction is true, we actually had a really fun time walking around the farm.  We even helped the farmers by seeing then reporting that 2 goats had escaped from their fence.  We then watched while they had to chase them around and get them back into their fence (twice).  The workers forgot to fix the fence first so as soon as they put them back in, they immediately ran and jumped out again.  They were not laughing, but Bobby and I thought is was humorous.
The goats escaped to eat the nearby apples.
After we finished touring the farm, we made it to the playground just in time for the rain to start.  Everyone was okay with the change in weather as it was lunch time and we now had to take shelter in the Farm Caf√©.  We enjoyed eating delicious sandwiches and homemade soup while listening to the rain. The kids were also given small plastic farm animals to play with as a treat with their meal.

After we finished up, the downpour had ceased and we could easily walk to the bus stop in the light drizzle.  We all were dragging our feet a bit because with the approaching next morning meant I was leaving for a week.  I really dreaded being away from my family for an entire week.  Thankfully, I am writing this after returning so all was well and everyone survived.

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