Monday, August 19, 2013

Did we do enough?

With the approaching of our departure from Scotland, Bobby and I both kept asking each other, “Is there anything else you wanted to do?”  We like to do and see as much as possible, but there is no way we will be able to see and do all that a city has to offer.  In these last two days the Edinburgh Festival was in full swing.  I am going to do another post of pictures of the performers filling the Royal Mile with their acts.  There was so much variety, it has to be seen to be believed.

On my plane rides back and forth to the States, I read the first Harry Potter book.  (Yes, I know I am a bit late on that craze.)  So, I wanted to see the birth place of the Harry Potter books.  We even saw the actual school, George Heriot, for which she based her description of Hogwarts. 

We made it through Greyfriars Kirkyard to see the statue of the most faithful dog in the world.  This dog became known as Greyfriars Bobby because he supposedly spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself in 1872.  Now that is loyalty!

We enjoyed our time in Scotland.  We had amazing weather during the majority of our stay.  It was cold, but for more days than are typical it was sunny.  Although our apartment was small, I will miss it and the area.  I have found that moving on to another city is fun and hard at the same time.   I enjoy having familiarity with my surroundings and having a semblance of a routine, but I look forward to learning new routines too.  I loved Scotland and the beauty of this city.  Bobby was getting antsy because he was especially ready for a new challenge.  However hard it is to say goodbye, we all are ready for new adventures that await us in a new country not yet explored by us. 

Here are some fun shots of the outside of our building and the street that we lived:
This is the back of our building.  We lived on the 5th floor.    Too many times, one of us would forget the keys and the other would throw them down from the window. :)
Walking back home towards the front of the apartment. 
The entrance to our apartment.  

I loved this building.  It was across the street from the local grocery store. I loved the detail.  Built in 1864! 

Liam jumping off on his own. 
Amelie waiting while dad had to run up to the apartment to get something.  We do a lot of waiting. :)

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