Monday, August 19, 2013

Cascais Beach

One of the draws that brought us to Lisbon was the beautiful beaches of Cascais.  We chose the location of our apartment to be halfway between Lisbon and Cascais in the city of Oeiras.  This has turned out to be a very wise decision as we have spent as much time in Cascais as we have in Lisbon.  We found a beach in Cascais that is smaller and hidden, Praia da Rainha.  The straight translation for its name is Queen’s Beach because it was one of the favorite beaches of Kings and Queens.  We have understood why and haven't even tried the other larger public beaches because this one is so nice with the cliffs and light waves.  The view of the sailboats in the distance is also gorgeous.

With the hot weather, the very cold temperature of the water keeps us quite comfortable.  We also enjoy exploring around the rocks near the shore and watching little fish swim around the rocks.  Amelie and Liam LOVE the beach!  They do not stop moving.  They love going back and forth between the water and playing in the sand.  Liam will run straight into the water and keep going...he has no fear.  Amelie is getting brave and putting her face in and trying little bits of "swimming".  If I stop posting over the next couple of weeks, it is because we are just going to the beach everyday!  Haha!! ;)

I did buy and umbrella and a bucket of beach toys.  We are the whitest people on the beach for miles around.  I guess this is what happens when you come straight from Scotland and your body has not seen the light of day.  In addition, we are wearing the most covering bathsuits around.  If you see topless women in the background of my pictures, I apologize.  There were quite a few.  Even the men wear smaller suits (speedos or shorter shorts).  However, everyone is very friendly and love stopping to watch and laugh at the silly antics of our kids.

You can see the other public beach in the distance and how packed it is!
Ending the beach time with an ice-cream snack and a walk around the city of Cascais.

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