Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oceanario de Lisboa

On Tuesday (Aug 20th), we spent the day at the Lisbon Oceanarium.  Since the day had temperatures up in the high 90's, this was a break from the heat.  One of the courses I am teaching this semester is Oceanography.  I loved being able to gather information to bring back to my students.  It is a fabulous aquarium that has a central tank that represents the one world ocean, but then surrounding central tank you walk through each ocean zone (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic).  Many of the pictures are dark/blurry as there is no flash allowed and there is little light.
Looking in the central tank that housed many species of sharks, rays, fish, and more!
Liam loved pointing out the sea stars.
At the apartment we found a soft toy sea star and he is now carrying it around with him. 
A Sunfish!  These fish can grow to be the largest fish in the ocean.  It was amazing to see one in person!
In the North Atlantic area were penguins and puffins.  We never saw a puffin in Scotland so we were excited to finally be able to see one in person!
Liam watching 2 sea otter's sleep.

In the Indian Ocean zone, we were able to walk through a rain forest.
Watching the penguins swim and play at the window with all of the visitors.
They would follow your finger around on the glass.
Bobby and Amelie seen through the Octopus tank.
Sunflower Sea Star with more than 20 arms!
Liam doing his rest time next to the shark tanks.
Coral Reef tank was beautiful!
Bobby and Amelie talking about the variety of corals.
Teaching Amelie about the symbiotic relationship between the sea anemone and the clownfish.

 On the outside of the Oceanarium is a large waterfall that you can walk under.  It was fun to get cooled off.  Bobby likes to take things to the next level and he didn't want to just get misted...he wanted the full soaking!  Before heading home, we enjoyed ice cream on our stroll to the train.

Little movie time while Bobby was making dinner and I was working.  I love these too!!

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