Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. Mom

You know you have an amazing husband when you can leave to another country for a week and all remains intact and normal with the two small children and the apartment by the time you return. 

In order to process paperwork for my job, I had to travel back to the States.  Although this was not in our plans, we rolled with the punches and made it happen so that I could be a full-time employee.  We are excited with this opportunity for me to be able to continue to work for an amazing organization that serves the needs of a diverse population of students.  I really do love my job.  So, although I hated leaving and being away from everyone for a week, it was worth it in the long run.  We had a tearful goodbye at the airport, but Bobby was able to get everyone in good moods with a McDonald's treat for lunch. They waited to watch me go through security because I went back with 4 large ziplock bags full of sea glass.  I did get stopped and questioned but then was able to proceed. Because I only had a carry-on (full of sea glass mind you), I was actually able to have a smooth travel experience to the States.  My original flight was delayed until the following day but I was able to hop on a plane at the last minute flying out the day intended because I only was traveling with a carry on.  Once at the Atlanta airport, I realized I didn't do a good job communicating with my parents a meet up spot.  Oops!  Thankfully, as I was trying to find free wifi to be able to use my phone, I saw my mom jump out of her car to run into the airport.  Perfect timing if you ask me!!  So, while I attended a meeting in Atlanta one day, went shopping with my mom & sister for things we needed, and worked; Bobby manned the fort with the kids.  He kept everyone entertained and well fed.  They did not miss a beat even though mom was not around.  I am one lucky girl!!  We did Skype with each other at least twice a day.  Gotta love technology! :)  Below are pictures of the fun things they did while I was away.
Amelie posing as an archeologist at Our Dynamic Earth.

Amelie touching a large iceberg at Our Dynamic Earth.
Amelie and Liam had the most fun playing in the ball pit.
Entering into the Insect and Butterfly World.
Amelie holding a millipede.  She held it for a second and jerked her hand away so wasn't able to handle it after that.
She did a wonderful job holding the snake.
Mirror maze in Camera Obscura. 
Aaahhh! Amelie shrunk or Liam became a giant!  Another illusion at Camera Obscura. 
Of course, time had to be spent at Leith Links Playground. 
I made it back to Leith safely and was able to successfully navigate different airports and bus stations getting home.  Amelie and Liam were ecstatic with the "presents" I brought back for them.  We were all happy to be together again.

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