Monday, August 19, 2013


We live within walking distance to a civil parish of the municipality of Lisbon, Santa Maria de Belém.  There are many attractions here that we have been able to take in over the course of many days.  We usually go into Belem on days that we do not want to be out as long or do as much walking.  Although we have spent many days in Belem, we still have a couple more things to see in this small parish.

August 15th:  Famous Nata's, part of Jerinomo's Monastery, playground, and picnic.
Nata's are said to originate in Pasteis de Belem.  Because these delectable treats are so delicious, the line to acquire them wraps around the building. 
Once inside you can see why the line moves so fast.  They are very efficient and have things down to a science.  

Amelie and Liam enjoying their Nata's on a nearby park bench in the shade.
Everyone is happy with these custard filled treats.

Jeronimo's Monastery is impressive both inside and out.
Vasco de Gamma's tomb. 
Bobby and I agreed that this is one of our favorite churches with it's detailed carvings in the columns.

Amelie and Liam love holding hands these days.  
Amelie practicing her gymnastic moves.  She also did a wonderful job climbing the climbing wall with little assistance.  She is turning into a brave little climber!
Liam would run up and down the platforms, over and over again.  He was extremely sweaty by the end.

The lateness of the hour caused us to turn to our old faithful:  McDonald's for dinner.  Enjoying a picnic on the grass with Jeronimo's Monastery in the background.
August 16th (sans Kelly):  Maritime Museum, Planetarium, and Modern Art Museum

Of course one of the favorite parts of the kid's day was playing in the mist outside of the Modern Art Museum. 
Amelie in front of paintings by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack, and Picasso.
A day in Belem is not complete without nata's!

August 18th:  National Coach Museum, Street Market, and Monument to the Discoveries
The National Coach Museum had tons of 15th and 16th century carriages used in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. 
The detail on the coaches whether it be for a wedding ceremony, a baby dedication, travel as an ambassador were amazing.  This cherub holding a flaming heart was on a carriage used to a baby dedication of a prince.
Amelie had lots of questions so we were able to read her  the signs posted and explain how things used to work (to the best of our knowledge).  
Liam doing his traditional nap in untraditional places.
They even had an area of carriages and equipment used for children. 
As you can see, this museum has one of the finest collection of carriages in the world!

As we were walking to our next stop we happened up a street market selling various goods.
Bobby was very excited about our find.  We found out they come every 1st and 3rd Sunday so we will be back. 
Since we were walking near the Modern Art Museum, they wanted to show me the mist.
We ended up playing in the mist for a while and the kids were soaking wet.
I had another change of clothes for Amelie but not for Liam.  We just let Liam's air dry for a while.
During our Skype call with Mimi and Poppy later that night, Liam kept telling them about the sail boats. 

Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries) on the Tagus River. 

Stopped by to cool our feet off.

The walk home was long, but you can't beat the view.

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