Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leith Links

With summer school is full swing for Bobby and I, we have spent many days close to the apartment. Our favorite place to play is Leith Links.  This area was formerly used as a golf links.  The rules of golf were formed here and then later sold to St. Andrews.  The park now consists of lots of fields used for soccer, an informal cricket pitch that has existed since 1826, and the playground.

Amelie and Liam love this playground.  It is about an 8 minute walk from our apartment.  They swing, climb, slide, ride the zipline, kick the soccer ball, play with the wood chips, jump rope (or at least carry it around), blow bubbles, and do all of the afore mentioned over again.

Since we have been spending so much of our afternoons here lately, I decided to pull out the camera in an attempt to capture the fun we have.  Bobby and I are ready to explore more that the city of Edinburgh has to offer us, but Amelie and Liam are perfectly content to spend every day at Leith Links.

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