Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Open to the public in 1889, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery was the first purpose built portrait gallery in the world (  The building itself is gorgeous both inside and out.  The gothic architecture is enhanced by the abundance of statues that line the outside of the building.  The entrance hall is breathtaking with intricate archways, paintings wall-to-wall all the way around the room, and an amazing painted ceiling.  We stood admiring this room for a while.  Amelie enjoyed pointing out the various animals painted on the ceiling.  Liam enjoyed running around from wall-to-wall, happy to be out of his stroller.  Maybe one day he will appreciate art?! ;)

The museum has an "I spy" type game for children as they progress through the rooms of the gallery.  They are given clues and close up pictures of things to find in a painting in the particular room.  Amelie did a great job finding the clues.
Our favorite exhibit was Playing for Scotland:  The Making of Modern Sport. Here is the description found on the website of this exhibit:  transformation of sport during the nineteenth century when traditional games flourished and new sports were invented. From football to fishing, canoeing to curling, hunting to hockey, this sporting revolution is illustrated through paintings, photographs and prints and a specially-commissioned film.  Doesn't this just sound like something we would like a lot?  The kids were entertained by the video while Bobby and I walked around.  We couldn't take many pictures of what we saw, but it was so interesting to see photographs of women rock climbing in the 1900's and early golf teams and so much more.
Amelie watching the video, with a painting of Leith having a horse race behind her.  The watch tower seen in the middle of the picture is right down the street from where we live!

Our trip is not complete without a picture next to William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

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