Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Days

Some days we make plans to get into the city, but it just doesn't happen.  Between having small children and traveling, I have learned how to be a little more flexible.  I like making plans and sticking to them.  I like having schedules and routines, and checking things off my list.  However, I am continuing to learn that life still goes on even when we don't keep to the plan.  Monday was one of those days that we had wanted to get out in the morning before our students started waking up to start their first day of summer classes.  We just didn't make it out in time.  Instead, we ate at King's Wark which is  at the corner of our apartment building.  We had traditional Scottish food for lunch.  I didn't know what I was ordering as much of the menu is foreign to me so I randomly picked something (I think I had Mackerel Cheeks).  It was SOOO delicious!  Liam made friends with an elderly couple.  The woman stood at our table talking and playing with the kids for a couple of minutes before she sat down at her own table.  Once Liam was finished with his food, he ran over to her and she scooped him into her lap. Bobby and I just sat back and laughed at how he is a social butterfly and doesn't meet a stranger.  I love that Bobby encourages me to have fun in the moment.  I love that he can so naturally go with the flow.  I love that he gently nudges me to step out of my routines and my comfort zone.  I am usually pleasantly surprised when I do!
Too cute of a picture not to share.
Liam is playing with his bear and Amelie's bear and carrot in the window seat.
Everyone is enjoying the view; looking for dogs, babies, trucks, etc.

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