Monday, July 1, 2013

Leith Festival

Edinburgh during the summer has gobs of festivals.  It is fitting that the first festival we attended was the Leith Festival (since we live in Leith).  We started the festivities on Friday evening by going to the carnival set up across from the playground in Leith Links.  We had seen all of the rides and RVs pull in and start getting set up for a couple days prior to opening to the public.  Amelie and Liam had a hard time choosing the 3 rides that they wanted to do.  Bobby and I laughed at the lack of regulations at this fair.  Of course, the rides we could participate in were all very safe.   After our carnival fun, we ate at a delicious restaurant that is on our walk home.  This was the 2nd time we've eaten out since we've lived here, and it was delicious.  It was a very fun evening for all of us!
Bobby and Liam riding a motorcycle.  Amelie is behind them driving the double decker bus while ringing the bell.
Liam and I rode the lady bugs.  He did not want to get out once the ride was over.  
Amelie driving the bumper boat while Liam holds on for dear life.
Amelie couldn't figure out steering so they spun in a circle for the majority of the time.
Apart from being scared to death that Liam would decide to jump out, I was laughing hysterically at Amelie driving.   
Amelie was able to jump in an enclosed, large jump house.  Since the carnival was slow, the manager let us throw Liam in for a couple minutes at the end of Amelie's time.  They had a great time running and jumping and falling as all kids do in jump houses.
On Saturday, we attended the larger event with tons of booths set up all over Leith Links.  Amelie was able to have her face painted, ride a horse, and even eat a couple pieces of hard candy.  Liam participated in a dance contest and even though he was the youngest participant, he danced his heart out. ;)

Saturday afternoon, Liam and I rested while Bobby and Amelie went back to watch a friendly soccer game.  The local football club played a match against old pro's.  In this friendly match there was a lot of scoring that occurred which made it fun for them to watch.  

The closing of the festivities was the Leith Festival Tattoo on Sunday evening.  This took place a block away from our apartment in front of the Watch Tower on the Shore.  We saw highland dancing, bag pipes, belly dancers, and more.  Liam enjoyed the dancing so much that he stood up and mimicked the dancing as best as he could.  It was hilarious.  He held his pants as the girls were hold their skirts out, and he would hold his hands up and hop as they would.   I am not making this up, I promise!  Unfortunately, Bobby didn't get any videos of this.  The video below is a clip of the entire group of performers playing Amazing Grace.  It was absolutely beautiful.

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