Thursday, June 6, 2013

Royal Mile

Can you believe that Bobby and I have been married for 8 years?!  June 4th is our anniversary so we decided to take the day and stroll down the Royal Mile.  We did a very leisurely stroll, making sure we explored each Close, soaked in each site, and enjoyed the sunshine while doing so.   There is nothing spectacular to report other than the pictures just do not do justice to capturing the surroundings.  However in an effort to try to show you a glimpse of what we saw, enjoy the pictures below.
Eating a picnic lunch of PB & J at the bottom of the Hub (what was once an old church).

Our lunch was serenaded by this bag piper.
Liam and Amelie thought it was way too loud to pose for a picture right next to him.
One of the many Closes we explored.
One of the oldest mansions within the castle walls, built in 1622.  It is now a Writer's Museum.  Bobby and I took turns having Amelie show us around inside the museum.  Liam enjoyed playing outside in the courtyard area.

Afternoon snack of fresh fudge.  Amelie received a lesson on how to make fudge while Liam was napping of course!

We arrived home in the evening to work, work, work!  Thankful that we have a job in which we can go do fun things.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate 8 years of marriage.

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