Thursday, June 6, 2013

Girls Evening Out: Organ Recital at St. Giles' Cathedral

Bobby is the adventurous one of our pair so he is usually the one that will explore new things.  However, on June 2nd, with Liam sick and Bobby not as interested in an organ recital; Amelie and I headed out on the town together.  We started by riding a double decker bus.  While we waited at the bus stop, she educated me on how to place the money into the box and wait for a ticket from the bus driver (since Bobby always does this and I just usually hop on.)  I was glad she is so observant because she instructed me accurately.  We rode at the top in the front so we had the best view.

We made it into town and even got off at the right stop.  We found a little Cafe and ate Pesto Pasta.  It was nice allowing her to be herself and talk and talk and talk.  I am often very distracted with Liam and realize that I need to spend more focused quality time with just her.  Before I know it she won't want to spend quality time with me and the thought of that makes me sad.  

After our dinner we strolled up (as in up the hill) the Royal Mile to St. Giles' Cathedral.  The bishop was only letting in members of the congregation for the recital so we felt special not being a tourist, but being there for an event.  She picked out our seat and we had about 10 minutes to spare before the recital began.  We made silly faces together and took pictures with my phone.  
She became a little fidgety after the first song so I talked about how songs tell a story.  For the rest of the recital, she waved her hands around like she was conducting or she was whispering in my ear about what she thought was happening (they are running now, they are sad, they are happy, etc.)  I absolutely LOVED the recital (does this mean I am officially old?).  The beauty of the old church with stain glass, the echoes of the grand sounds of the organ, etc...A-MAZING! The recital was by Malcolm Sim who has a pretty impressive resume.  I found it interesting that he recently played in Paris in St. Sulpice which was was of my favorite churches.

After the recital, we sat down for ice cream.  Amelie's perfect end to a fun evening (well the ice cream made it fun for her!) 

Our only hitch in the evening was that we only missed the bus while standing at the bus stop.  You have to actually flag down the bus like you would hail a cab, otherwise the bus keeps moving.  A man came up to the bus stop shortly before our bus arrived and was asking me if he could take pictures of my feet.  Thankfully, we were able to run a bit and the bus stopped for us.  I was apologetic and the bus driver was not too happy with me. I learned my lesson:  Do not under any circumstances let anything distract you while waiting for the bus.

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