Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meandering Through Old Town

We have lived in some great locations on our year long trip, but our living arrangement in Split is one of the best.  Our home in Old Town is located amongst the ruins of an ancient Roman palace, and most of Old Town has incorporated some part of the old palace in to its architecture. The Roman emperor, Diocletian, built a massive palace in preparation for his retirement at the turn of the fourth century AD.  After the Romans abandoned the site, the palace remained empty for several centuries. In the 7th century nearby residents fled to the walled palace to escape invading barbarians. Since then the palace has been occupied, with residents making their homes and businesses within the palace basement and directly in its walls. Today many restaurants and shops, and some homes, can still be found within the walls.  Despite centuries of additions, the palace remains the heartbeat of Split's old town; a unique mix of architecture in a maze of narrow streets.   

On November 12th, we were intentional about walking through the maze of the streets and taking pictures.  We love that our apartment is within the palace walls and we can enjoy this environment every day.
Walking through one of the loveliest places around town, the Narodni Trg (People's Square).  In the distance you can see the iconic 24 hour 15th century clock and the tower of the oldest church in Europe - St. Theodor, built in the 5th century.
The kids love for dad to swing them around.  Swinging both at the same time can be quite challenging.

Bobby twirling the kids near one of the three of the original towers that remain (of the 16 built).

Sculpture of Saint Anthony of Padua on the wall of Ciprianis Palace right above the place we grabbed food.

Making silly faces while we wait for our food to be made.
After eating, the employees offered Amelie and Liam free gelato.
We have been back again to receive the same treatment. :)
Enjoying the gelato!
I love finding details of the past carved on buildings, archways, and more as we walk through the streets.
Sitting in the Peristyle which was an open courtyard within the palace. The columns surrounding the garden formed the northern access to the imperial apartments.
The Palace was decorated with numerous 3500 year old granite sphinxes, originating from the site of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III. Only three have survived the centuries. One is still located on the Peristyle (seen in the picture above), the second sits headless in front of Jupiter's temple (pictured here), and a third is in the city museum.
Liam going down the world's smallest alleys, "Let Me Pass Street."
Bobby is requiring Liam to actually say, "let me pass" before being allowed through.  

Living quarters tucked behind the peristyle that were built in the old palace walls.

Back on the Riva surrounded by the palace walls and the sea.

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