Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bobby's Sick = Park, park, and more park

Being ill is never fun.  Being ill in a foreign country is even more un-fun.  Bobby was sick for almost a week with Strep Throat.  I had him quarantined to our bedroom for almost the entire time.  If you know Bobby well, you know that being stuck in one place with no one to talk to was excruciatingly painful.  I felt bad for him, but I couldn't really pamper him as I was in single parenting mode for that duration.  I even slept upstairs with the kids.   Thankfully our kind neighbor made Bobby a tray of home-remedies after a couple of days of being under the weather.  He polished off the minced uncooked meat, whole bulb of garlic, freshly squeezed lemon water, hot wine, and whisky; he was so desperate to get better.  He also walked almost a mile to the hospitals emergency room to receive medicine and treatment.  Thankfully, the fever broke and he began to feel better again after a couple of days. 
To keep the rest of us sane, we went to the playground everyday and then to the grocery store of the nearby venetian square after rest time.  I also do not do the cooking for our family.  I laughed a couple of times at my feeble attempts of making dinner.  We ate out the first couple of nights hoping it would pass, but not wanting to break the bank I started making food.  The first night was a disaster as I made some sort of bean, rice, pea, and corn goulash.  It was not good.  Amelie would not stop talking about how disgusting it was.  I remember thinking that I have turned into the man of the family in that I cannot cook food any more.  In my defense, we do not have many food options here.  The following night I redeemed my reputation by making eggs, french fries, and fruit salad for dinner.   Don't worry, I have embraced the fact that Bobby is a much better cook than I am.  :)

I love the walk to the playground.  Going from the old city center to the playground requires a walk along the harbor and Adriatic Sea.  You really can't beat the views!

The weekends bring in cruise liners.
Also, a group of children sail boats in the harbor. We love watching all of the little white sail boats.
Amelie likes to get off the stroller and walk up these steps and play while I walk up the zig-zag ramp.

We've made it to the park!  The harbor is behind us and there are more views of the sea ahead.

Marjan Hill can be seen in the background.
By digging in the rocks, Amelie and Liam found an earthworm.
They enjoyed playing with the earthworm and protecting him from the birds.
They are content with playing with a sand bucket, laundry detergent top, and 2 plastic spoons.
A smaller playground nearby that is next to a smaller harbor.
There are mechanical things to ride but we don't pay the money...they just like sitting on them. :)
They love the spinning chairs!
On Sunday (Nov 17th), after rest time we took our snack to the Riva and watched the sunset.  To our surprise we were also able to watch the cruise liner leaving port.  The lights reflecting on the water with the beautiful sky made me wish I could was so beautiful.  

Watching the cruise liner leave while playing soccer. 

Our apartment is right off this street next to the guys eating sandwiches.
Amelie and Liam enjoy looking in the toy shop window every day.
In the 1400's Split was under Italian rule.  A venetian resident missed Venice so much that they had this square built to remind him of St. Mark's Square.  It opens to views of the sea at the end of the Riva.  We love playing soccer and playing in this wide open space.
Hanging laundry can be really pretty with the right backdrop.  
We all survived.  No one else got sick.  Bobby was happy to rejoin the family again.  It's nice to be a full-functioning family once again. :)  

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