Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bačvice Beach Bumming

Bačvice Beach one of the main beaches in Split.  Before coming to the beach, Bobby read up on a game that was invented here:  picigin.  In researching more on the internet regarding this game, we saw that in the summer time this beach is extremely crowded.  We were able to enjoy a nice sunny day (November 8th) with very few people present.  The few people that were present were playing picigin so we had entertainment! :)

Picigin involves several players forming a circle to bat around a small ball with their hands. The objective is to keep the ball in the air and out of the water for as long as possible. Players don't catch the ball, but bounce the ball around with the palm of their hand.  There is a lot of running and diving in order to keep the ball from going into the shallow water. Picigin is considered a non-competitive sport: there are no opposing sides, no points, neither winners nor losers. It is generally viewed as a relaxing and fun game, and many take the opportunity to make extravagant leaps and acrobatic maneuverings to keep the ball in play.  

We enjoyed watching the group of men playing picigin near us.  Bobby and I laughed that it looks like a game that he has made up in the past.  Bobby really wanted to join in on the fun, but refrained...this time anyways!

Liam getting an up-close look at picigin.

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