Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Can't Miss Out on the Barcelona Beach Action!

Waking to a warm sunny day on October 25th, the Walker's decided we needed to try out Barcelona's beaches.  We exited the metro near Port Olympic.  We checked out Barcelona's fish sculpture, known as Peix in Catalan.  Facing the sea, it is large and eye catching.  We checked out the harbor, and then started walking down the beach towards Barceloneta Beach.  We found a Thai Noodle place that was cheap and delicious for our lunch.  The food reminded us of Doc Chey's in Athens.  After eating, bathing suits were pulled out and beach walking commenced.  We walked all the way to St. Sebastià Beach.  These beaches are the city’s oldest and most traditional beaches which is why we chose to visit these over the others in the city.  We had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the sun, sand, and water.  Amelie and Liam are definitely beach babies and loved the cold water.  Bobby worked with Amelie on learning how to swim.  As I sat watching them, I couldn't help but think how crazy it was that she was learning how to swim in the Mediterranean Sea!  I love the giggling and squealing that happens when we are at the beach. They are too funny!

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