Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adios Barcelona

Had I been able to keep up with the blog day-by-day, I probably would have more to say about wrapping up our time in Barcelona.  However, writing this 2 weeks after we left leaves me forgetful and not really knowing what to say.  It feels like a lot has happened since leaving.  

Here are some pictures from a fall festival:
Sponge Bob's mouth would open and close up into a slide.
If you look closely at Liam's face he is terrified as the mouth is closing.
We loved the neighborhood we lived in as there were nice playgrounds just blocks away.  It also seemed that every time we went to the playground we found other English speakers to converse with.  We went to the playground frequently as our jobs were keeping us very busy and long excursions were not possible.  The neighborhood also had a "what's mine is yours" attitude.  Children would bring toys to the playground and then everyone would share.  Amelie and Liam enjoyed playing with other children's motorcycles, scooters, sand toys, etc.  I loved the community atmosphere.  Children played while adults were engrossed in conversation.  It definitely made me long for real community for us.  

Another favorite that we discovered about a week before we left were churros with chocolate.  Near our metro stop was a little Churros shop.  We went a couple of times to enjoy this delicious fried snack. On our last visit, the workers played with the kids for a while.  Pulling out an animated bird that repeated what you said and making small talk. It is a good thing that we didn't discover this right away as we would definitely be pounds heavier as a result! :)
Barcelona was our shortest stop.  We barely scraped the surface of seeing the city.  However, what we did see we really enjoyed.  We were impressed by the friendliness of the people who lived here.

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