Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jardin d'Acclimatation Take 2

On Thursday, April 25th, with upper 70 degrees weather the Walkers headed to Jardin d'Acclimatation for our second time since in Paris.  The first time we went to this park was for Amelie's birthday so she refers to this park as "The Birthday Park."  Since our first time to the park was in February with very cold weather, this second experience was totally different.  We were able to hit areas of the park we had not seen before.  The park is huge!!  We would frequent this park more if it weren't for two things:  1. being across town and 2. costs a couple Euros to enter.
Liam waking up from his nap while watching Amelie and Daddy swing before taking a turn swinging with Dad.  These comfortable chairs were all throughout the park making it perfect for the parents to relax while the kids play.  Our children are still a little small for this to last any length of time for us, but there were many parents reading books while the children were running around.
We started with swings and zipline, but then made our way to a large aviary.  Chickens were in abundance, but there were a couple of exotic birds too.  Either way both kids really enjoyed finding the birds as well as looking at the birds from close distances.
After visiting the aviary was a zoo area that consisted of mostly farm animals.  Each animal brought new delights and fun animal noises from the kids.  It seems that every where we go our kids are the loudest....... ;)
Amelie and Liam making oinking noises at the pigs.
You can see Liam, Bobby, and Amelie on the bridge above the cow.
Liam was initially interested in the donkey. Then he became apprehensive when the donkey came too close  for comfort. 
When Amelie was around Liam's current age and we went to the Atlanta zoo, she called all of the animals dogs.  Liam calls many of the animals horse or by the sound that they make but mostly just horse. We enjoyed leisurely strolling along the paths taking in the sunshine and the beautiful greenery.  

The next area we happened upon was Amelie's dream come true.  It was a water area in which sprinkler's were set up for children to run through.  All of the children were running through the sprinkler's in their underwear so our kids followed suit and stripped down to join the fun.  When in Rome....right?!  Amelie loves water and she loves running around in her undies so she was in heaven.  Liam on the other hand did not like the cold water all over his body.  He was okay to splash his feet in it, but not get completely drenched.  Recently, when it has rained on us while walking through the city he has also gone nuts in his stroller not liking the water on him so we don't know what that is about as he loved the ocean!  We had to stop because Amelie collided with another girl, both running full speed.  We were worried that the cut next to her eye would require stitches, but thankfully it did not.  She was a champ and after a couple of minutes wanted to get back in and run around again.  We moved on to a couple of other areas (clothed mind you), and then let take one more crack at the water area.  At this point it was cooling off so neither kid wanted to run through the water, but just walked around the edge.  Liam loves following his big sister around!  It was cute watching them play follow the leader around the edge of the water area.  A week later, her eye is now completely healed!!
The area was pretty packed.  Can you find Amelie?  The water would spurt on for a minute and then off for a minute.   It was fun watching the kids squeal when the water kicked back was warm outside but the water was still freezing! 

Liam not happy when the water unexpectedly kicked back on.  You can see Bobby in the background under a flower umbrella watering area, playing with Amelie.  I love that he has to join in on the fun and can't resist missing out on any of the fun himself....don't worry, he remained clothed.
In case you were wondering, Liam still has his rolls!! 
Liam's favorite spot was playing at the drain on the edge of the water park area.
Amelie saying, "This is the best park in the entire world!"
Bobby caught the collision on camera.  Her eye looked really bad right away...very scary for us!
The next playground was a large maze for kids to crawl through, over, and under objects.  There were also lots of peacocks wandering around.  Liam continues his love for chasing birds as seen below.

He even fed a peacock a potato chip...probably will be his last time for a while though as it almost got his finger with the chip! ;) 
We had a fun day enjoying the hot weather.  This has been the only day that has been even close to hot enough to do the water park area so it worked out perfectly that we made it back!  

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