Saturday, May 4, 2013

Canal Saint-Martin

In honor of my birthday, we walked along Canal Saint-Martin from Bastille to the Seine River.   This canal dates back to the early 1800s, and has many locks and bridges along the way.  I have been interested in this walk for a couple of weeks.  With the weather being nicer it turned out to be a perfect activity for the afternoon.  There is a portion of the canal that is underground, and a beautiful park runs above it with lots of different little playgrounds along the way.  In addition to playgrounds, there were many bocce ball games transpiring too.  We stopped and watched a couple of rounds.  The gamers were all older gentlemen.  They enjoyed having our kids watching them so intently.  We spent the afternoon walking the 4.5 km canal stopping to play as well as eat a picnic dinner.  Our routine picnics consist of stopping by the local grocery to pick up a tradition (baguette), turkey slices, cheese slices, sausage, cherry tomatoes, pears, and water.  We just construct a little sandwich and then relax while the kids play and eat.

Liam loves boats!!   So we made sure to walk along the Marina first.  We were able to see a boat progress along the canal, and learn about how the locks work.  Because the Seine is a different level than the Canal, there is an area the boat has to enter to allow the water to exit/fill up so that it becomes the same level as the River...very cool!

Enjoy some pictures below of our experience.

We love us some beautiful flowers!! ;)
You can see the Bastille Monument in the background.
Little fruit snack and conversation stop.

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