Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Week in Paris

Our last week in Paris consisted of both making sure we were able to see and do things we hadn’t had the opportunity to do yet as well as doing what we really enjoyed one last time.   Some of the highlights include the following:
  •           Eating a fresh, hot baguette from our local patisserie every evening with dinner.
  •      Playing at the Science Museum and eating McDonald’s for lunch afterwards.
  •      Going to the neighborhood market for fresh fruit & veggies.
  •      Eating Lebanese Chawarma Poulet for lunch after the market.  We would eat these weekly.  The owner and his son would see Bobby and call out to him, “My Friend!"

  •      Enjoying some alone time.  Bobby went to the Catacombs & walked around Paris at his leisure.  My day off was a rainy Monday (most libraries and museums are closed on Mondays) so I worked from home instead of getting out like I had planned.  I am more of a home-body than Bobby is. ;)
  •     Bobby & Amelie’s daddy-daughter date in Paris which consisted of eating gelato.
  •     Checking out a nearby fair and all of the crazy rides & games. 

  •      Taking pictures of favorite buildings that we would pass on our walks to and from the metro.

One of the most important places we HAD to go to one last time was the Eiffel Tower, of course.  On Thursday May 9th, we had our last full day out in Paris.  

Amelie really wanted to ride a bus so we got off the Metro to see the Paris Opera and then caught a bus to the Eiffel Tower.  This was an excellent choice as we had not seen much in this part of Paris. One of the more famous buildings we were able to see from the bus was La Madeleine.  Bobby and I also decided that if were to go back to Paris, we would do a better job of figuring out the bus routes as it was so fun to see the city instead of being underground (and it was easier with the stroller). 

It was a beautiful day so we were able to have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower.   Others who had the same idea surrounded us on the grass.  Liam was a social butterfly, and had to be swept away before helping himself to other’s picnics.   Amelie also was able to purchase two Eiffel Tower’s (one for her and one for Liam) that they will take as their souvenir’s of Paris.  She negotiated the price and paid all on her own. ;) 

Amelie holding up her purchases!

Afterward our time playing around the Eiffel Tower, we decided to take a trip down the Seine both by boat and by walking.   It was a lovely last full day in Paris.

Saturday, May 11th, was another full day as we were trying to get everything ready to leave for Scotland!  Bobby and Amelie started the day trying to sell one of our strollers we had bought while here.  Traveling with all of our luggage AND two strollers was just not possible.  The Bugaboo stroller has a scooter that Amelie can ride on if she wants to so we have been only using that one anyways.   We tried selling it on Craigslist, but after a couple of attempts to meet up with people it never happened.  Bobby made a sign using Google Translate to say “stroller for sale along with children’s clothes.”  After some crazy looks, a couple of locals informed him that his sign said he was trying to sell Amelie and helped him fix it.  Amelie learned a lot about target groups and overall salesman skills during their outing.  Unfortunately, Bobby was not able to sell it. 
This is the picture of a market near our house where Bobby tried to sell the stroller.
After a day of cleaning and packing, we decided to go to Pont des Arts to clip on our love locks.  We couldn’t leave Paris without symbolizing our undying love for each other!  We chose to clip our love lock on the bridge that is for the committed love.  You clip on a lock with your names on it, and then throw the key into the Seine.  We ended our Paris trip with this romantic act.

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