Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paris in the Spring

After being in Paris during some of the winter, words can't quite express how much I have been enjoying the Spring.  When the sun is shining it doesn't matter what we have planned to do, we make sure we are outside soaking in as many rays as possible.  Watching the new life and growth all around me has been incredible.  I don't think Spring has ever had as much meaning to me as it does this go around.  The backdrop had been so stark when we first arrived, but now it is full of color.  There are beautiful flowers everywhere!  There are flowers in the gardens around Paris, which you would expect; but they are also at playgrounds, along the sidewalks, and outside people's windows. We all love the flowers.  Liam and Amelie both point out flowers as we walk around town.  The way Liam pronounces flowers is super cute too (Fowerfs).
Liam smelling the flowers.
Amelie obviously smelling the flowers.
At a playground about a 8 minute walk from our house, "the circle park" as Amelie calls it, there are tons of dandelions and other wild flowers in the grass.  Amelie and Liam enjoy picking them and making little bouquets as they play.  To teach Liam not to pick the important flowers we have taught him to smell the flowers.  He will walk around flower beds sniffing. ;)

While Nancy, Bobby, and Amelie went into the Carnavalet Museum; I was able to sit and read on the bench above while Liam napped.  Perfect sunny afternoon enjoying a beautiful garden and some quiet.

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