Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lower Largo Fife Coastal Walk

Going more than a week without blogging, makes it difficult to catch up!  While the kids are napping this afternoon, I am going to attempt to bring the blog up-to-speed with what we have been doing for the past week.  It seems like ages ago already that we were in Lower Largo, but after I uploaded pictures I just couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites.  

Our last day in Lower Largo we decided to trek out on the Fife Coastal Path, just to see how far we could get.  The scenery was absolutely stunning with the Sea & beaches on one side and pastures on the other side.  We were able to see some old cottage ruins, WW II bunkers, and more.  It was a beautiful sunny day for a nice stroll.  We were able to get about 2 miles out before we decided to turn around and head back...pretty good for 2 little ones! ;)
Amelie found value in having a good walking stick for the hike.
Liam embraced having a good snack for rejuvenation while walking.
Quick family picture without our "puffy" jackets on.
After the self-timed picture (this was our only take), we ran to bundle back up!

Amelie and Bobby sitting on the cottage ruins.
Can you find the stroller Liam is napping in?
He has become an expert in taking an hour+ nap while in his stroller.
I should do a blog post of all of the places he has napped in! ;)
When we first saw the bunker, we thought it was an old foundation for a house.
Upon closer inspection, we realized there were tunnels under ground.
We finally happened on a sign explaining they were WW II bunkers.
Love finding things unexpectedly on our adventures.

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