Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hôtel de Ville

The Walker's have been playing tour guide recently.  One of my college roommates, who is still one of my closest friends, came to visit us on her Spring Break.  During her stay we were able to repeat some of the things we have already seen before, but we also were able to see new things.  Since our children could not keep up the touristy schedule, Morgan and I were able to spend a couple days on our own.  I enjoyed being able to experience a side of Paris that having children does not afford.  For instance, we were able to sit and drink coffee on two different occasions.  Also, I was able to savor pieces of art instead of the fly-by I usually do while chasing a child.

The day Morgan left was the day that Nanny (Bobby's mom) arrived.  Bobby will also get the chance to go off exploring without toting his family along.  Tomorrow they are going museum hopping while the kids and I recoup from many days of walking and no naps. :)  Okay enough of the boring report, right?!  I am going to be posting some of the favorite places we have been to recently with pictures of course.

I have not always been interested in history, but being in Paris and seeing buildings from centuries ago makes me eager to learn the background.  I will try to share some of my limited knowledge on the places we have visited.

Hôtel de Ville is a metro stop that we use to go to Notre Dame and the Latin Quarter.  We have been to this square numerous times now.  Each time we exit the metro, Bobby and I gaze at the building with it's many statues and intricate details.  It's been fun to see the changes in the area since arriving to Paris in February.  When we first saw the square in the winter it was filled with an iceskating rink.  It is now completely open with fountains always on.  Amelie and Liam love running around in the wide open space.  People enjoy sitting around the perimeter of the square eating or hanging out now that the weather is getting nicer.

So, what was/is this building?  At first, I imagined this as a famous hotel bustling with activity of rich aristocrats.  Upon doing research I found out that hotel actually means a government building.  Hôtel de Ville houses the office of the Mayor of Paris.  This building was finished being built in 1628.  Over the years there have been numerous historical events in this building and square.  If you are interested in reading more check out the wiki page.

This is a Bazar located next to Hotel de Ville.
Liam saying "cheese."

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