Saturday, April 27, 2013

Paris with Nanny

 We were fortunate to have Nanny (Bobby's mom) come to visit us in Paris.  We did SO many fun things while she was here.  She came at a perfect time as the weather is getting warmer and flowers are in full bloom.  We had fun seeing familiar sites with lots of greenery and color.  Below are a few of the highlights from our time together.
We took her on a walking tour of the Latin Quarter....our first stop is always Notre Dame.
The American Library hosted a walking tour of the 7th Arrondissement with favorite children's book such as Madeline, Eloise, and more.  It was fun stopping at places that were settings in the book. 
After the tour with the library, we enjoyed the sunshine by hanging out in the gardens and playgrounds surrounding the Eiffel Tower.  
After a full day, resting on the grass while waiting for the Eiffel Tower to light up and sparkle was the perfect end.  We were disappointed that the Tower never sparkled, but it was still pretty to see it lit up while watching the sun set.
The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is spectacular!

Can you believe how big Liam is getting?  Please tell me he still looks like a baby! ;)  Liam even enjoyed the view as he pointed out boats, trains, buses, and people playing soccer.

Amelie is doing a great job pointing out the big landmarks around town and as she sees them in books.
Behind us in the distance is Sacre Coure.
A picture from our day spent in the Marais District.
We did so many fun things from parks, markets, walking tours, churches, museums, picnics, and more. After looking at the pictures that we had taken, I realized that it is difficult to truly capture all that we are experiencing.  Whether that be because the feeling of the sun shining or the surrounding smells are not included or because funny and silly things our children do happen in a blink and then it's done often do not make it in the slideshow.  Whatever the reason, Bobby and I are not the picture enthusiasts we once were.  We just do not have our camera out like we did when we first arrived.  It was fun seeing Nanny take lots of pictures as she explored through Paris.  It inspired me to make sure as we are wrapping up our time in Paris, I try to photograph the things that will remind me most of our time here.

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