Sunday, April 14, 2013

Place des Vosges

Visiting Victor Hugo's apartment in Place des Vosges was a great experience.  Learning more about Victor Hugo's life as well as seeing where he lived from 1832 to 1848 was very interesting.  As teachers, we love seeing students learning in relevant ways.  How amazing an opportunity to live in Paris and learn on site of historical events?!  There was a group of elementary students quietly listening and totally engaged in what the teacher was saying about the apartment (or possibly Victor Hugo).  This is another of many times I wish I could understand French so I could be learning too! :)

Because there was no elevator access to his apartment, we had to leave the stroller in the gift shop.  This meant Liam was free.  Keeping Liam contained and quiet so that he wouldn't be a distraction to the children learning was a challenging feat.  He did fairly well with only shouting "Pop-pop" a couple of times.  He thought Victor Hugo looked like Pop-pop due to the beard.  Lately, any time Liam sees a man with a beard he shouts Pop-pop.

Victor Hugo's apartment was located in Place des Vosges.  The square was beautiful with fountains, trees, a statue, etc.  We learned that this square was the oldest planned square in Paris.  It is a true square (140 m × 140 m) and was built in the early 1600s.  There is a bronze statue of Louis XIII on a horse in the center of the square that was placed there in 1825 after the first one was melted down during the French Revolution.  In addition to the fountains and statue there are various pieces of playground equipment surrounding the square.  Amelie and Liam enjoyed being free to get out some energy!
The windows of Victor Hugo's Apartment.

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