Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marjan Hill: Take 2

We have hiked to the top of Marjan Hill, hiked a small portion of the south side; but on November 29th we decided to walk the entire 10K circumference around Marjan Hill.  We love being outside.  It's nice to have a place to retreat away from the city so close to the city...that sounds weird.  Bobby and I used to be wilderness adventurers back in the day, and we think it's time we step up our game when we get back in the States. First stop:  Cumberland Island...who's in?! :)

Sorry, just got sidetracked.  Anyway, the kids loved hiking on the paths in the woods, collecting sticks and rocks and pine cones as they went.  They also loved throwing said treasures into the water when the opportunity arose.   There were times that I had to stay on a wider path with the stroller while Bobby and the kids traveled on a less frequented path.  I am continuing to learn to keep my mouth shut with my "be carefuls" and instructions to Bobby about the kids safety.  He is an amazing dad.  They love spending time with him.  In the end, I know they will remember the feelings of adventure and fun they had with their dad and not the wet shoes or dirty hands they got in the process.  I have not mastered the art of letting go, but I am working on biting my tongue!  Looking back at these pictures, I am reminded how precious this time is that we have with them while they are young.

The three amigos traveling on a small, rocky path near the water's edge.
In case you were wondering, they did go into the tunnel to check it out.
After walking for around two hours, we realized that we were not even half way around the peninsula. Not planning well, we did not bring any food with us.   By happening upon Bene Beach with great playgrounds and a restaurant, we thought we were saved!  However, the chef had errands to run and wouldn't be back for at least an hour.  (Problem with touring during the off season.)  Since we were a couple of hours away from any other food options, we did what any other reasonable parent would do in the same situation.  We fed our children cake for lunch as this was the only food prepared and available in the restaurant.   Amelie and Liam were elated to have this opportunity to have an entire piece of cake to themselves and not have to eat anything prior to receiving this treat.  So, we played, ate, and then continued on our way.

St. Jeronimo's hermitage caves. 
We were greeted by this Jack Russell on top of the fence as we walked by...scared me to death! ;)
After "lunch" Liam feel asleep in this stroller for his nap time.
This is a picture I'm going to add to my compilation of places Liam has slept.
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.
I am a sucker for sunset and for sweet moments between Bobby and Amelie.
I hit the jackpot with this picture! ;)

No, Liam is not taking the picture...he is still sleeping. ;)
I loved walking this area along the rocky beaches with all of the different pools.
It was much less windy and calm then when we walked this stretch the first time.
Bobby found an anemone that he was showing Amelie and Liam near a fisherman.

Nearing our apartment the sky (and water) turned pink...loved it!

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