Monday, December 9, 2013

Nothing New Under the Sun

On Saturday we needed to grab a couple of groceries because on Sundays all groceries are closed.  We have gotten into the habit of buying the food we need to eat on the day we need to eat it.  With our cabinets bare and favorable weather, we decided to walk to the larger grocery store farther from our apartment.  On our way, we popped into the Archaeological Museum.  Because this was not planned (and we needed our stroller space for groceries), all pictures taken were with our old iPhones (quality is not great).

The Archaeological Museum in Split was founded in 1820 making it the oldest museum in Croatia.
It has a large stock of archaeological objects from prehistoric times, from the period of the Greek colonization of the Adriatic and from the Roman, Early Christian and early Medieval ages.   We enjoyed the two seperate areas of the museum; the exhibition hall and courtyard.
Amelie loves writing our names.  She was very excited to be able to sign all of our names in the guest book.

There is a large coinage collection.  Bobby is pointing out coins used in the 3rd century.
Amelie used my phone to take pictures throughout most of our visit.
Amelie really liked all of the jewelry.
In Ecclesiastes it says there is nothing new under the sun.  If you wanted proof of that statement, here is some for you.  You can see in the picture below that #65 is a device for expressing milk from nursing women from the 3rd century!  

Looking at the hieroglyphics on a Sphinx. 
Contemplating why there are all of these 1st Century wine jugs with coral attached.

If you would like a deeper understanding as to how museum time really is with the Walkers, you can check out the video below.  In it you will see that the kids ask lots of questions and like to point out items to us.  You might also be able to hear Bobby explaining to Amelie what a sarcophagus is.  He does a great job explaining to the kids what they are seeing with background information too.  Most importantly you will see that both kids do not stop moving and like to run, run, run.  Warning:  If you are not related to us you will probably find this extremely boring!

After having an enjoyable time learning, we continued walking to the grocery store where we also ate lunch before shopping.  Throughout Europe the grocery stores have not provide plastic bags for free.  You have to pay for each bag you use.  As you can imagine, people use the bags very sparingly and most re-use.  We use one or two bags over and over again along with the storage room of the stroller. 

We started the day taking a look back in history to be reminded that technology and tools have changed drastically over time.  But in the end, it seems most of a day's work is still about putting food in your belly, no matter what century you are born.

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