Friday, September 27, 2013

Plaza de la Virgen

One of the most prominent historical places in Valencia is the Valencia Cathedral with Bell Tower dedicated to St. Michael (El Miguelete).  The Cathedral was built from the 13th to the 15th century.  Somehow, we end up in the Plaza de la Virgen almost every time we head in to the Old Town.  Around the plaza are three the buildings emblematic of the city: the Valencia Cathedral (also called Cathedral of St. Mary) , the Basilica of the Virgin of the Homeless, and the Palace of the Generalitat.  In the center of the plaza is Turia Fountain.  There are also cafes that line the square so it is a popular spot to hang out.  We have been in the plaza at all times of the day and it is always very busy.  One of my favorite times in the plaza was watching Mass let out as the people dressed very nicely spilled into the square to socialize.   
 On September 21st, we went to the plaza to specifically go into the Cathedral and climb the Bell Tower.  On our way, we had a slight detour by a playground in the Turia Park followed by a delicious pastry snack seen pictured below.

Amelie and Liam playing in front of the main entrance to the Cathedral while waiting for Bobby to chain up the bikes.
The Door of Irons (the Puerta de los Hierros) is seen in the background.
Climbing the 207 steps of the Bell Tower in a narrow spiral staircase. 
Amelie and Liam loved playing under the large bell.
Looking out over the city from every vantage point possible.
Bobby and Liam exiting the Cathedral through the Door of the Apostles (Puerta de los Apostoles).
Amelie and I sitting enjoying the square next to the Turia fountain.
Liam had to be rounded up frequently as he would run through the crowds of people without looking back at us.  He loved chasing the pigeons too.  He would change his approach as he chased the pigeons going from growling to doing karate chops saying "hi-ya!"
Amelie received lots of smiles as she ran around in her Valencia jersey.

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