Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fine Arts Museum of Valencia

Museu de Belles Arts de Valencia (Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia) was founded in 1913 but it is housed in the College of St. Pius V dating back to the 1600s.  The building is a composed of 4 wings that are arranged around a cloister.  Two towers on the facade overlook the old channel of Turia giving it some appearance of a castle and allowing us to admire frequently as we ride past on our bikes.  With this museum housing a very large collection of 14th-19th century art, we knew we had to make the attempt to see it.  On September 17th we entered what turned out to be the most strict museums we have been to as far as child vigilance goes.  We had to hold Liam's hand (or hold him) the entire time.  We always stay near him during museums, but any time we let go of his hand for a second we were being prompted by the guards.  Liam wanted to "do it himself" which made it a difficult visit to really appreciate the artwork as much as we would have liked.  However, Bobby was able to get some good photos of art by one of his favorite artists.  Amelie was happy that there was no modern art present.  

Amelie and Liam waiting at the entrance.
Bobby securing our bikes.
Amelie's new fan bought at the market.  She loves it and loves seeing woman around town using them as well as in paintings using them.
Liam being silly as he climbed up and down the steps at the entrance.
Liam didn't have to hold our hand if he was sitting on the benches provided.

Symbol seen around Valencia.
After we were finished at the museum, we had plans of doing something else.  However, the lock securing the bikes would not unlock.  Bobby worked with it for a while and we determined that it was broken and would not be loosed.  He sprinted into town to find wifi so he could determine the closest location of the Do You Bike store that we rented our bikes from.  I took the kids to a nearby playground while we waited.  Bobby was successful in locating the bike store and was given a hacksaw to cut off the lock.  He cut through the chain and no one stopped him...not very comforting as we leave our bikes all around town.  We then had a delicious pastry snack to refuel us and set off towards home again (with a new lock in tow).  We never made it to whatever we had planned...I can't even remember.  The kids were happy with the playground stop.  I was happy that we didn't have to walk home and were able to unlock our bikes!!

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