Wednesday, September 25, 2013

El Mercado Central

In the center of Valencia, you can find the Central Market.  It was constructed in 1914 and is composed of 8000 square meters.  There are hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of produce, meat, cheeses, drinks, etc.  We have made our way through the Market on several occasions.  It is always bustling with people and activity, not to mention being a great place to find a cheap delicious snack. With the high ceilings, domes, metal work, glass windows, tile work, as well as all of the vibrant colors of the goods it is a great place to walk around.

Amelie does not enjoy the smells in the seafood zone.
We are always drawn to the pastries area.  The fartons are delicious.
After Bobby and I order 4 fartons for the family to share, the ladies working behind the counter gave both Amelie and Liam a chocolate filled croissant.  It was a very nice gesture which resulted with Bobby and I being able to eat more fartons later.  Amelie and Liam did a great job saying "gracias" multiple times to the ladies.  The ladies loved watching the mess Liam was making as he ate his.  They encouraged me to take pictures of him. ;)  
Bobby sitting on the steps at one of the entrances cleaning Liam's chocolate mess.

We have to play "who can catch mommy?" in order to get the kids moving in the direction we need to.  
Amelie wanted ice-cream over a pastry one day so we sat on the steps while she ate her treat. 
Liam playing on the rails of the steps.

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