Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Strolling, but on Sunday

We had such a fun day strolling through the city on Saturday, we decided to set off with little plans again on Sunday.  We started the day in a similar leisurely fashion by starting at Edinburgh's other farmers market, Stockbridge Market.  Bobby gave Amelie and I the same charge of who could find the coolest thing for 1 pound.  Amelie actually bargained with a vendor, and was able to get a raspberry chocolate bar for cheaper than what was listed.  She won!  Bobby and I spent our pound (and then some) on some delicious French cheeses (especially Comte).  With it being Bastille Day, there were a couple of French treats present that are not normally available. We were able to eat lunch on the sidewalk (pesto pasta, BBQ sandwich, and paella).
You can see the cheese truck in the distance as well as the French flag flying.
Bobby was finishing buying our lunch while I was helping the kids get started on their lunch.
You can see Liam is looking at Bobby while yelling "Daddy!"
I laughed when I saw this because I didn't know Bobby was taking pictures.

After the market, we started strolling on Water of Leith Walkway.  This biking/walking path in the woods with the river on one side is so relaxing and makes you immediately feel that you are miles away from a large city.  As we started walking, we came across our first fun surprise of the day...St. Bernard's Well.  We were able to read on a plaque nearby that it was built in 1760. The waters of the well were once held in high regard for their medicinal virtues attracting travelers from around the world.  It is in the shape of a circular temple supported by ten tall columns, with a statue of Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health in the center. It operated until the 1940′s.

As we walked, we loved the views like shown in the picture above!  Our next surprise of the day was when we came across Dean Bridge.   This bridge, dating back to the 1830s,  stands over 100 feet above the water.  It was very impressive!  

Our next surprise of the day was happening upon Dean Village.  This was a milling village that operated for over 800 years using the current of the river to run at least 11 mills.  It was incredibly interesting to walk past the mills, workers housing, and village.  We felt like we had stepped out of Edinburgh and into a remote village.  Most of the buildings have been converted into pricey apartments and offices.  I would love to live here!
I love the old school buildings in the city!  Each school has reliefs carved among other impressive details.
The housing built in the 1800s for the mill workers.
 Before walking to a playground to close the day, we had fun skipping rocks in the river.  

We walked to Inverleith Park to check out the playground.  We were highly impressed with the views over the city, this being our last surprise of the day.  This park boarders the Royal Botanic Gardens so as you can imagine, it is lush and green and beautiful.

Adding to my collection of Liam's napping environments.
I think part of the fun of the day is not having any expectations while being surprised at every turn.  I am sure had we researched and mapped out all of the important points of interest, we would have had a wonderful time too but there is something in the discovering that is really fun.

With being out all day we often get home and are all very tired.  To help pass the time until dinner is ready we watch a movie.  Liam now knows how to ask for a movie.  We also do not have AC in our apartment and with the nice weather have been a little toasty.  When we are home we try to wear as little clothes as possible.  Liam also knows how to say naked.

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