Friday, March 15, 2013

Saint Mande Market

On Sunday, we went to the local street market a couple of blocks from our house.   We tried to do as much of our “grocery shopping” for the next couple of days here.  I successful communicated and then purchased 1 kilo of pears and 1 kilo of apples.  Keep in mind that the vendors arrive early and set up under a temporary canopy that lines the sidewalk for blocks.  This creates a very narrow walking space in a bustling city.  People know what they want and they like to be efficient…get it and go!  So, to say that I didn’t cause a back up in the procession was a relieving feeling.  Bobby did the rest of the purchasing.  He bought different meats (probably a technical term…sausages…?), different cheeses, vegetables, and our lunch.  There were TONS of choices and, excluding the vegetables, we had little knowledge of what we were getting.  In the couple of hours that we were out, it also got really cold.  We had plans of going to the castle nearby, but headed for home for warmth instead.   That evening, we had a delicious cheese, meat, and bread plate.  :)
We didn't buy any seafood, but Liam loved seeing the "FISH!"
We are going to the market again this weekend for more.  Everything was so delicious.   In addition to trying out the local market, we also shopped for the first time this week at a Picard.  The Picard is a small grocery store that only sells frozen items.  One of the moms at the library recommended we try it because she loves it.  The prices were very reasonable and there were some already prepared meals that we are trying.  The things that we have tried so far have been delicious.  So, we have gotten super fresh stuff and frozen stuff...we like extremes! ;)

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