Sunday, March 24, 2013

Latin Quarter

We did not have a set plan as we set out Friday morning to the Latin Quarter.  The weather was nice so we enjoyed walking and seeing wherever our feet led us.  We walked by Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company's Bookstore, and many beautiful gardens.  

Standing in a garden that will soon be filled with roses with Notre Dame behind us. 
Amelie and Liam running around on a playground while Bobby and I enjoyed drinking a coffee.
Amelie in timeout.  Yes, she still has to do timeouts even if they are in unconventional places.
Famous Shakespeare and Company Bookstore
We grabbed Kebas to eat for lunch.  We ate our lunch in front of St. Michael's Fountain.  Amelie enjoyed watching a man painted in all gold being a statue, and the crowd of people he attracted.

We walked to into a couple of churches and through the university.

Amelie enjoying a Go-Go Squeeze outside of one of the University buildings.
We ended our day walking through Luxembourg Gardens.  The garden was full of people enjoying the beautiful weather.  One of my favorite things in the park was the Medici Fountain, built in 1630.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It really was breathtaking.  As we were enjoying the fountain, an Asian tour group noticed Liam and began taking turns having their picture taken with him.  It was hilarious!  We spent a long time weaving our way through the park.  There is an amazing playground that you have to pay to enter and we were running out of daylight so we didn't go in, but we plan on going back!

Medici Fountain

Watching the ducks.  Amelie reported that this was her favorite part of the day in Luxembourg Gardens.
We ended our day accidentally walking by Saint Sulpice.  You can imagine our surprise to turn the corner and find this. The kids had fallen asleep in the stroller so Bobby and I got to have a second to sit and talk and enjoy the view.  
Both kids asleep. 

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