Saturday, March 23, 2013

Père Lachaise Cemetery

We had a slow start to our morning on Thursday so that we could have rest time at the house and not in the stroller.  This was a good decision so that we could be well rested for visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery.  We sandwiched the cemetery visit between two different playground stops to make the outing more kid friendly.

Liam taking a break from keeping up with Amelie.

Amelie loved the maze aspect of the cemetery.  She and Bobby would set off in between the tombs and weave in and out looking at the different architecture of the tombstones.  Bobby definitely enjoyed the cemetery more than I did as he is the history buff.  It was amazing to see the dates on some of the graves as they were from before our country was even founded.  

The playground that we ended our day at was packed.  There were a lot of nannies at this playground which means we were in an affluent area.  I love that there are areas specifically for younger children and other areas for older children.  Younger children can happily play without being shoved out of the way or knocked down by an older child.  Older children can run and climb happily without being slowed down by a smaller child.  It makes sense.  We had a picnic dinner on the park bench before heading home.  Bobby found us bread, cheese, chicken (poulet), caprese salad, and dessert (beignet framboise).

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